Wet Paint Booths with Water Curtain work with the principle of impinging the paint particles that cannot hold onto the product to be painted during the automatic or manually applied painting process against the water wall thanks to the air suction at the required flow rate and separating the particles from the water thanks to the constantly circulating water in the system. In this way, the scattering of paint-containing particles that cannot adhere to the product to be painted during the dyeing process is prevented.

With this system, the particles scattered around at the time of painting are largely filtered and the filtered residues can be collected manually from the cabin chamber. In some applications, much more precise and precise results are obtained by using it together with the Water Filter.

The control panel is specially designed by our automation team so that the Water Curtain Wet Paint Booths we manufacture can work synchronously with the machine or station that will serve. Remote start/stop, operation, status signals and alarm signals of the wet paint booths with water curtain, the control panel prepared by our automation team, can be given to the enterprise as dry contact and remote machine control and traceability can be provided.

Wet Paint Booth With Water Curtain

 Wet spray booths with water curtains Instead of collecting more spray in filters from the moment of application, a continuous flow of water removes excess spray paint particles from the air. toplar.Su the sludge accumulated in the tank is cleaned and disposed of regularly. 

Providing a clean workspace in all industries can help employees become safe, healthy and productive.Jul.

  Wet spray booths with water curtains contain special features such as a water tank or an over-the-top spray paint collection disposal tank. The operation of these tanks is very simple. Ideal for washing or cleaning dust or paint particles. The offered paint booths are extremely robust.

. In this model, the high-volume airflow absorbs the excess air, the smoke and dust are thrown into the water curtain, and the water mist is captured. Thus, dangerous particles are washed off and thrown into the curtain of running water. The working principle of the liquid painting booth is that the absorbed excess paint is washed off with a water curtain and a mist stream. Washing with this water ensures the separation of the side-sprayed paint. There is a constant water rinsing at the dyeing stations. So the side sprayed paint will be discharged by the water flow. Filtered pure air is sent to the atmosphere.

Spray booths help to stop accidental overspray, which can result in any fire or explosion.

Water is used as the filtration medium

Separation of continuous water flow

Extremely efficient and robust

Controls over the spray 

Removed dust and excess paint particles

We believe that the highest efficiency in a paint booth can be achieved only when the capacity, size and other characteristics are optimal for the work being done. Therefore, when choosing the optimal cabinet for a particular coating component, it is important to adhere to the following parameters.

The size of the product to be coated.
The production rate (i.e. Paint Consumption).
Product processing method
The most effective way to keep the over-sprayed paint.
Modular spray booth design that allows all kinds of Spraying Applications.
It limits the paint on the spray to a certain area.
Stocks of spray booth parts ensure a minimum downtime.
It offers maximum operator comfort and reduces the associated health hazards.
Excellent overspray collection maximizes environmental compatibility.
It provides safety by minimizing the risk of fire due to solvent vapors and excessive spray deposits.
It is designed and manufactured for severe industrial ambient conditions.
It provides optimal air velocity to discharge the overspray without affecting the spraying efficiency.
The latest technology and labor.
Advanced dry paint gripper filter design ensures high efficiency.
Mild steel or stainless steel construction is available on request.
To ensure that dust does not stick to the fan with an aqueous filter
Filter or metallic filter holder.
Dry arrest of the paint without water and chemicals.
Suction even through the entire height of the cabin.
Easy maintenance.
Ideal use for all kinds of paint applications.
It complies with the current health and safety legislation.

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