Industrial fans are used to remove smoke and polluted air.

The transmission of dirty or clean air can be done with centrifugal fans.

It can be made of suitable thickness and material according to the application; Mild steel, stainless steel sheet, hot-dip galvanized under special conditions.

Maximum efficiency and engine power are selected by our engineers and we offer the right product to our customers.

The correct calculation of the centrifugal fan's characteristics can affect many factors, from the company's energy consumption to the efficiency of the fan.

Direct coupled fans are produced with pulley coupling driven according to pressure and flow differences.

industrial fan

centrifugal fan

Frequent bladed fan

Back curved fan with sparse blades

high pressure fan

centrifugal fan


Low, medium, high pressure models, burning boiler, chimney hoods, circulation fans, shop fans, fans, insulated, hood fan, filter, extractors, shipping pneumatic fans, blade type transfer paper fans, abrasion resistant coated aspirators, special medical ventilators that can operate at high temperatures, special projects suitable extractors.

Radial ventilator

Industrial fan

Industrial Type Centrifugal Fans; Can be manufactured in sparse type and frequent wing types.

Double and single suction design

Wear-resistant fabrications for dusty air shipment

Capacity guarantee

According To The Propulsion System; 

Direct coupled
Direct coupled with coupling
Models with belt pulleys   

According to the production materials;
Carbon steel (St 37/2, St52/3 etc.)
Stainless steel (AISI 304/316/321/309/310)


Axial (axial) type fans are a type of compressor that increases the pressure of the air passing through it. The blades of axial flow fans force the air to move parallel to the shaft that the blades are rotating. In other words, the flow enters the fan axially parallel to the shaft and exits in the same direction. Axial fans are often used for ventilation in processes. In addition, special production axial fans are produced on a project basis.

Industrial type
Axial fans; wall type, duct type, roof type, ventilation fans, hot air exhaust fans, cooling fans, steam exhaust fans, mantle cooling fans, special type fans that can work at high temperature, aspirators suitable for special projects.

Industrial type axial fans can be manufactured in different airfoil profiles and number of wings according to flow and pressure variables.

Mobile axial ventilators

Rotary oven bottom fan 

According to the propulsion system;

 Direct coupled

 Direct coupled with coupling

 Models with belt pulleys ·       

According to the production materials;
Carbon steel (St 37/2, St 52/3 etc.)
Stainless steel (AISI304) China Manufacturer/316/321/309/310 )


Single suction centrifugal fans

 Medium and high pressure ventilator

 Direct coupled or belt pulley driven
 With wings tilted back

 Low and medium pressure ventilator

 Direct coupled or belt pulley driven

 With wings tilted back

High pressure ventilator

Direct coupled or belt pulley driven

Low pressure fan

Direct coupled or belt pulley driven

Forward-leaning frequent-winged

 Medium pressure fan

 Direct coupled or belt pulley driven

 With sparse wings tilted back

 Medium and high pressure ventilators

 Direct coupled or belt pulley driven

 Sparsely winged passing through the center

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