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Dust Collection Systems

1.What is Dust Collection

2.Dust Collection Systems and Recycling

3.Effect of Dust Collection Systems on the Environment and Human Health

4.Dust Collection Systems and Solar Panels

5.Usage Areas of Dust Collection Systems

6.Safety Precautions in Dust Collection Systems

What is Dust Collection?

Dust collection systemsIt is the filtering of dirty gases and dust that negatively affects the environment and human health during machinery and application in industrial facilities. Filtered dust and gases are exhausted according to the report values ​​deemed appropriate by the Ministry of Environment. Heavy particles can be disposed of as recycling or waste by adapting to the waste collection chamber within the system, big bags or transfer systems within the line. Filtering the dust by absorbing it from its source further increases the efficiency of the system and ensures successful results in using the dust collection system. As a working principle in dust collection systems, the closer the intervention is to the source of the dust, the more effective the efficiency of the system is. In industrial facilities, it is possible to remove harmful dust from the working environment and filter it in a single central dust collection system or local dust collection system. The suction force of the dust to be filtered must be calculated correctly in order to remove it from the environment by looking at its structure, type, mass and density. One of the most important issues in central dust collection systems is the transportation of the dust to be filtered into the system. Accumulation and clogging may occur over time in improperly designed duct designs. One of the most important issues in central dust collection systems is the transportation of the dust to be filtered into the system. Accumulation and clogging may occur over time in improperly designed duct designs. One of the most important issues in central dust collection systems is the transportation of the dust to be filtered into the system. Accumulation and clogging may occur over time in improperly designed duct designs.Dust collection systems support recycling in some areas.


Dust Collection Systems and Recycling

To give an example, filtering, reprocessing and recycling the dust produced during the process in a jewelery workshop can be a very profitable business. This example can be valid in many sectors and yields efficient results in applications.

Effect of Dust Collection Systems on the Environment and Human Health

Dust collection systems play a major role in environmental and human health all over the world. Along with the growing industry, environmental pollution is also increasing rapidly. In this case, dust collection systems become mandatory to protect environmental pollution and human health. Industrial dust collection systems prevent working personnel from being affected by the respiratory tract of dust generated during machinery and application in businesses. Emission of some gases without filters negatively affects environmental health. The direct discharge of gases released during casting in a foundry workshop into the environment negatively affects environmental health.


Dust Collection Systems and Solar Panels

Solar panels used in factories to save energy must be protected from factory waste dust. In many sectors, unfiltered air exhaust causes serious damage to solar panels and prevents them from working efficiently. In order to prevent such situations, the most effective systems offered to you by our engineers as a result of on-site exploration will be jet pulse bag filter, jet pulse cartridge filter or water filter. Appropriate filters are used when choosing a dust collection system, depending on the type of dust, particle size, structure, mass weight and dust density. Jet pulse bag filter can be called automatic shaking filter. The filters are cleaned by spraying compressed air from the air tanks on the filter system. Filter cleaning times can be time-adjusted or differential pressure controlled. The bags of jet pulse filters are not standard and vary depending on the process applications to be used. It is very important that the correct capacity and device selection according to application areas is made by expert teams. Choosing a wrong system may not work properly and causes unnecessary investments.


Usage Areas of Dust Collection Systems

As FLTS Filter Systems, we offer solutions according to the needs of businesses for the elimination of harmful gases and dust released in industrial enterprises. Our company meets the requirements of industrial facilities with turnkey systems including design, production, installation and automation.

The use of industrial filter systems has become mandatory in many areas of activity. Some of these areas of activity are as follows.

• Ceramic

• Energy

• Recycle

• Plastic

• Foundry

• Automotive

• Raw material businesses

• Iron and Steel

• Medicine

• Food

• Cement

• Coal

• Chemical

• Agriculture

• Wood


Safety Precautions in Dust Collection Systems

Dust and gases released in some industrial facilities show reactions such as explosion and burning. With today's developing technology, we design special manufacturing systems to take the necessary precautions in possible negative situations. Many protective equipment can be used as side equipment in dust collection systems. These equipment must be used in facilities that pose a danger to the system, the environment, occupational safety and human health. Some of the safety equipment that can be used in filter systems are as follows.

• Atex – Ex proof products

• Explosion cover

• Fire extinguishing system

• Fire detection systems


Jet Pulse Bag Filter

As FLTS Filter Systems, we find solutions to our customers' demands by preparing appropriate projects according to application areas with our expert team.


Water Filter

In order to filter the dirty air in the water filter system, the bunker lower water reservoir is filled with a certain amount of water. With the vacuum effect created by the operation of the water suction fan in the bunker, the specially designed guiding wings (with stainless separator) in the system create a water turbulence in the washer cell. The dirty air / particles that are to be filtered are passed through this water turbulence, washing is carried out and the particles in the dirty air are precipitated in the machine lower bunker water reservoir.

The discharge of dust or particles that settle to the bottom is directed to the facility waste treatment system by opening the manual or automatic valve. The water supply tank on the aqueous dust extraction system automatically replenishes water into the system to prevent reduced or evaporated water loss. Filling level is controlled with the float switch in the water supply tank, and it automatically turns off when it reaches the set water level.

Aqueous filter is a system specially designed for applications where dry type filtering methods are inadequate or risky. Enterprises engaged in solvent and chemical production offer permanent solutions for the precipitation of oil-based, flammable and flammable particles (paint) and particles in the polluted air that are formed during metallized coating processes and are intended to be eliminated.

Water Filter is a very different and much more effective system than classical sprinkler or fountain washing systems. In classical water flushing systems, there are   external circulation pumps, external water tanks, sedimentation tanks or equipment that require maintenance. The water filter we manufacture does not contain such equipment as in classical water washing systems. Since these equipment, which are the most common malfunctions in water flushing systems, are not found in the specially designed water filters we have manufactured, the system is guaranteed to operate more efficiently and with minimum downtime.

All of our specially designed water filter applications have replaced the tried and failed applications of classical water flush systems.

The control panel is specially designed by our automation team so that the aqueous filters can work synchronously with the machine or station they will serve. The remote start/stop, operation, status signals and alarm signals of the water filters from the control panel prepared by our automation team are given to the enterprise as dry contact, allowing remote machine control and traceability.

Usage Areas of Water Filter Systems

Specially designed aqueous filters generally provide successful results in metallized coating, wire metal band bending and shaping stations, wet painting lines, glazing and polishing stations, chemical product manufacturing companies, and filtering of oily or humid vaporous gases formed during the manufacturing phase.

Jet Pulse Cartridge Filter

The use of jet pulse cartridge filters is chosen according to the characteristics of the dust. As with the jet pulse cartridge filter bag filter, the fan application is located after the filter unit, so dusty air does not come into the fan system.

The most important issue in dust collection systems is to transport the dust from its source to the filter unit through piping at appropriate speeds. Direct impact of the dust coming with the air speed on the cartridge filters in the system causes the filters to be punctured, deformed and the usage time to decrease. In order to extend the life of the cartridge filters, specially designed deceleration equipment must be installed in the system. Contaminated cartridge filters are shocked with 6-7 bars of compressed air at regular intervals to clean the filters with the pulse valve control unit included in the system. Dust falling from the filter with the shocking effect is directed to the dust discharge chamber under the system. Dust filtered according to dust density is transferred to big bags or a bucket with a occupancy sight glass.

Cartridge filter variety varies depending on the characteristics of the dust. Cartridge filters have a much larger filtering surface area than bag filters. System design, selection and engineering calculations must be made by experts, otherwise a wrong filter selection will cause the device not to work and cause the filter to wear out prematurely and become unusable.

As FLTS Filter systems, we generally use membrane coated products in our products. Thanks to this coating, dust and particles coming to the cartridge filter can be kept on the outer surface without entering the depths of the filter. Membrane-coated cartridge filters both increase emission efficiency and create a surface that can be cleaned much more easily with compressed air.

Jet pulse cartridge filters are specially designed and manufactured according to operating requirements.

What are Jet Pulse Cartridge Filter Units?


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